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Thanks for the Memories: Introducing Yourself in an Unforgettable Way

Thanks for the Memories: Introducing Yourself in an Unforgettable Way

As professionals, we meet so many people out and about in the business community. Some of us meet a new person each and every day. When asked to introduce yourself, how do you react? Do you you’re your personal elevator pitch ready? How do you make a lasting impression or help that person care about who you are?

The following are three tips from podcaster and author Lisa B. Marshall to get you started in the mastery of self-introduction:

Communicate your contribution: Go beyond the basics—tell people more than the information on your business card. Stand out by crafting a 20-30 second elevator pitch that includes additional details and give the audience a clear message of why you are meeting them and what to expect from you.

Be memorable: Set yourself apart. When introducing yourself, you want to make a listing impression. Try using humor and humility and remember to not only tell people what you do, but how what you do can potentially help them or their business. This will help people to remember who you are even after the meeting is over.

Communicate culturally: Always be aware of the diversity that exists within a group or even within a conversation. Be aware of where you are or do a background check on who you’re meeting and make sure you’re always appropriate in your communication—both verbal and non-verbal. Remember that people begin to form opinions about you within the first 10 seconds of meeting you—do not take chances in these precious moments. You may even want to check yourself with a trusted friend to verify that you’re being culturally/politically appropriate.

It’s that simple! Communicate your contribution, tell them what to expect from you, add a little personal touch and be sure to respect culture nuances.

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Thanks for reading, and until next time… stay WISE!