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Movin’ On Up: Using Creative Principles to Guide Your Business Strategy

Movin’ On Up: Using Creative Principles to Guide Your Business Strategy

Out-of-the-box thinking can differentiate your business from your competition. This doesn’t mean that your brand has to produce the craziest and wildest ideas and content in the market. Rather, this process of thinking could be structured and planned by looking at trends in your industry, the trends in the wider market and how your brand fits in the midst of the dynamic storm.

Visual anthropologists at Getty Images follow customer buying trends in the image industry and using those principals as a basis for recommendation, company CMO Susan Smith Ellis suggests several ways that your brand can embrace change and remember to connect this year:

Celebrate the rebel: A way to reach the entire spectrum of your target audience by celebrating diversity, taking a cause and showing your support, or by showing commitment to including audiences who don’t usually have companies targeting them. This will help you establish an identity for your brand and help to differentiate your brand.

Reconnect: In an increasingly tech-driven world where tangible connections are becoming rare and obsolete, be the brand with a human connection. Engage your audience by looking beyond the ‘wireless’ and integrating connection and emotion into technology to engage modern audiences.

Practice mindfulness: As customers look for deeper meanings and mindful consumptions, be the brand that they can connect with in levels beyond consumption. Businesses and brands should seek to elevate their own sense of purpose.

Unleash the creative: Do the unexpected, surprise your customers, and take your audience and their imagination to the next level. Give them something to remember and something to come back to!

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