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If You Could Turn Back Time… How to Maximize Your Workday

If You Could Turn Back Time… How to Maximize Your Workday

Have you noticed how time just flies by when you have a lot of work to do? When you really need more time, the entire day seems to have come and gone in an instant. And when you’re not as busy, it tends to stand still. Yes, we’ve all experienced this phenomenon at some point.


This perception is a trick your mind plays on you depending on how you perceive each moment. But don’t worry—there’s a light at the end of the time-warp tunnel! Abby Wolf shares some tips for you to slow time by taking control of your mind and maximizing the minutes in your workday:

Be mindful: Shut out distractions and get down to work! Mindfulness essentially means to be completely aware of the present moment. This results in a state of measured contemplation.

Break the routine: Yes, a Netflix binge is fun every now and then, but it’s time to break out of your “usual.” Try new things—find a new hobby, read a book, try a new sport. You’ll start to see time stretching out for you while learning something new.

A goal a day: Set realistic goals for each day and hold yourself accountable to fulfilling those goals.

Stay curious: Always keep learning. There is no better way to use time you have. Focusing on the material in front of you will help you stay grounded in the moment.

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