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Unlikely Places to Find Inspiration

Unlikely Places to Find Inspiration

Have a project coming up that requires you to be at your creative best? Find yourself lacking focus or maybe even experiencing “writer’s block”? Never fear… inspiration is near!

Inspiration is an abstract emotion that not only motivates you but also makes you feel good about the work you do. Research shows that inspiration comes from spontaneous evocation of thoughts in your mind, or a transcendence from seeing an old phenomenon in a new way, or by the motivation to generate new ideas. Knowing the science behind inspiration helps us to embrace how unique this emotion is and not restrict ourselves from looking for it in unlikely places.

Hubspot content strategist Erik Devaney compiles some interesting places to find inspiration:

  • Embrace your daydreams: The randomness of your daydreams could be the place where your mind can be free to float between past and future, without being hindered by the stresses of everyday reality. Try to capitalize on the patterns of your mind to see what you really care about and what you can change. Be aware of your mind’s voice and recombine those pieces to create something new.
  • Stay up with the stars: Research shows that when people are faced with an analytic problem, they are best tackled at optimal times of the day (which of course varies from person to person). Choose a time when you’re alert and awake to face these types of issues. However, if the problem is an insight issue, you want to choose a time of the day/night that you usually zone out which helps you think with freedom so you can get closer to that “a-ha” moment.
  • Get out of the rut: Everyone has a routine—favorite hangout spots, a close circle of friends, your go-to TV show. These things are great, but in order to get creative and feel inspired, you need to break your routine—change up the usual people, places, and habits of your daily routine and do something completely different. Be open to new experiences and let your mind draw inspiration from the novelty.
  • Write down even crappy ideas: Yes, that’s right—all of the ideas, from bad to best. Jot them all down, no matter how ridiculous they may seem. The ones that seem expensive, infeasible, stupid or crazy ones; these are the ones that you can change or modify to perhaps someday make them work.
  • Choose fun over stress: Go out, laugh, meet people you love, try grabbing a beer instead of a coffee! Relaxing your brain is the best way to let inspiration seep in. Unwind and be inspired.

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Thanks for reading, and until next time… stay WISE!