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STOP… In the Name of Stress

STOP… In the Name of Stress

Big event coming up? Did you just get a lead on that client you know will grow the business? Feeling excited, but a little bit nervous too? It’s understandable. We’re most nervous when we have something big coming up and we want to do well. Executive coach Chris Charyk explains a simple mindfulness trick to help you cope with that stress so that you can shine at that important event!

STOP is a four-step mental checklist to help you move through the stress and nervousness into fresh energy, creativity or insight—whatever it is you need at that particular time.

S – Stop. Hit the pause button and stop doing what you’re doing, thinking and feeling.

T – Take. Take a few deep breaths and become aware of the present moment.

O – Observe. See what’s going on with your body, emotions, your mind. What sensations are you feeling? What assumptions and what conclusions are you making out of these thoughts?

P – Proceed. Take all that you observed and make an intentional choice/decision to incorporate it in your forthcoming actions.

Whether you have a big job interview coming up, a presentation at a conference, or you’re just feeling anxious about something, you can incorporate the simple STOP routine to help you re-center and re-focus so that you can be your best self in that situation.

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Thanks for reading, and until next time… stay WISE!