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And the Gold Medal Goes to… (Traits of High-performing Teams)

And the Gold Medal Goes to… (Traits of High-performing Teams)

What makes a truly successful team? The individuals or the collective excellence? The mix of personalities? Does it all depend on the team leader?

Hubspot Agency Post editor Jami Oetting compiles the top traits of great teams as originally posted by Weekdone. Review the below traits your team members exemplify and think about how you can continue to implement some additional traits to build your ultimate dream team!

  • Talent magnet: Successful teams are the ones that everyone wants to be on. The work environment and setting high goals can help to attract talent to teams. Streamline your team dynamics to attract and retain the best in the business.
  • Healthy heated debates: Through heated debates, high-performing teams tend to gain strength and develop cohesion (rather than becoming more isolated). Welcome criticism, take action and give room for discussion.
  • Diversity: Differences in demographics unlocks innovation, creativity and drive. Make unbiased choices in who makes your team and watch the diversity drive the team.
  • Add more women to your team: Studies show that teams with more women outperformed those with lesser or no women. Be inclusive, consciously.
  • Work-life balance: Encourage people to go home to their families, to take breaks, to laugh and to have fun. Balanced individuals make better employees.
  • Get the team away from their desks: A strong best predictor of a team’s success is its member engagement outside of formal meetings. Organize a group coffee break and create communication opportunities for your team outside of a formal conference room meeting.

Other traits of high-performing teams include setting goals (make them public and reinforce them to help keep you on track), minding your emotional intelligence (make sure your team members know how to be good listeners and effective communicators), and help your team members identify their strengths and delegate work based on individual strengths (people who feel confident doing certain tasks will work to give their best each day).

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Thanks for reading, and until next time… stay WISE!