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The Intrinsic Impact of Entrepreneurship

The Intrinsic Impact of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship has never been an easy undertaking. It’s an ongoing process of efforts, risk and the trial (and, oftentimes, error) of methodologies. This process requires passion, persistence and patience more than anything else. As an entrepreneur trying to make an impact on the world through your businesses, you go through several changes on a personal level too. In an article on Inc.com, author and entrepreneur Adam Fridman talks about four traits of change experienced by entrepreneurs.


  • Thinking differently: Not surprising to most, transitioning to entrepreneurship changes the way you think about almost everything. You start to see opportunities and challenges around every corner. You start relating to people as potential customers, investors or brand evangelists.
  • You can’t go back: Once you have a novel idea that you believe will change the current scenario or has the potential to hit it big with customers, you just can’t go to being a corporate executive—being outside of the box makes it nearly impossible to go back to any other way of life.
  • Passion: There’s something about entrepreneurs that set them apart from the rest—most notably, that of passion channeled into energy. Once the passion for your entrepreneurial project has been found, it’s nearly impossible to ‘shut it off.’ And you won’t want to!
  • Freedom is priceless: You suddenly realize the importance of not having to answer any boss or ask someone for their permission to go ahead with your idea. There’s no monetary or emotional tag for freedom—it’s just not for sale.

And it’s not just the above changes that an entrepreneur experiences—really, everything changes. “It hits you like a freight train,” notes Timothy Forkner, CEO of Evangelyze Communications. “The sudden realization you are an entrepreneur doesn’t come slowly.”

To read more, log on to http://www.inc.com/adam-fridman/four-ways-entrepreneurship-changes-you-forever.html.

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