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Thought-Provoking Life “Lessons” (as identified in some of the most popular TED Talks)

Thought-Provoking Life “Lessons” (as identified in some of the most popular TED Talks)

As entrepreneurs, we look for constant motivation and inspiration. Sometimes it’s internally driven and sometimes externally. With questions about happiness, leadership, and challenges looming over your head, you may have a predetermined answer in mind to such thought-provoking questions. Others have tackled these issues, and you may be surprised to learn what the experts are thinking about such matters.

TED videos are known for their insightful information by some of the best speakers in the world who share all kinds of perspectives on various topics, as studied, researched and compiled by their own life experiences. Author Minda Zetlin compiles the messages from some of the most popular TED talks and gives a succinct summary of them… and many will change your mind about what you thought you knew!

  • Getting what we want will make us happy: In a powerful talk by psychologist Shawn Achor, you will learn how external factors don’t really contribute to our overall happiness, which Harvard psychologist Dan Gilbert speaks about how we can be happy even when everything goes wrong.
  • The best leaders create great incentives: You may thinking that keeping your employees happy through rewards and recognition is the way to creating an effective organization. But leadership experts Simon Sinek and Tony Robbins explain that when leaders answer the question “Why?” it is much more powerful than any reward or incentive program.
  • Some people are more creative than others: Not always the case. Your employee’s creativity actually depends on motivation—and many of the traditional forms of motivations are not the right way to go about it. Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert says that all of us have a genius within.
  • Power equals strength: Power is largely a matter of a person’s own perception. The happiest and the most fulfilled people ae willing to let their weaknesses show, according to Brené Brown. Psychologist Amy Cuddy says that you can also change the perception of power by simply altering the ways you sit, stand and move.
  • The world is as we see it: Or is it really? From the images we see in magazines to the results of studying brain function in stroke victims, it’s clear that the world is not always as we see it. Check out some of the TED Talks in this category to get a new perspective on the issue!

What’s your favorite TED Talk? Did it showcase some of the messages outlined above? What motivates you? Share with us in the comments!

To read more in depth about the analysis of the TED Talks and to view them yourself, visit: http://www.inc.com/minda-zetlin/5-mind-blowing-lessons-from-the-most-popular-ted-talks-of-all-time.html.

Thanks for reading and until next time… stay WISE!