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How You Spend Your Time Outside of Work Can Boost Success on the Job

How You Spend Your Time Outside of Work Can Boost Success on the Job

The person you are outside of your job can potentially have a huge impact on the trajectory of your career. How you unwind can help you to perform better, rejuvenate your energy levels and help you build the career you’ve always envisioned.

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Psychologist and life coach Dr. Suzanne Gelb compiles some unique post-work rituals that highly successful people follow:

  • Work out. You’re probably heard this a lot—but it’s true! Working out boosts creativity, resilience and confidence in not just your personal life but also in your work life. If you want to experience a very productive 8-hour workday, you need to spend at least a little time moving your body outside of work.
  • Seek inspiration and fresh experiences. Get outside your comfort zone; experience something new. Many successful people are rarely couch potatoes who spend all of their free time at home. Try doing something outside of your obvious bubble and discover what makes you happy! A curiosity to seek new and exciting experiences adds color to life and rejuvenates the mind, body and soul.
  • Build authentic relationships. Successful people see value in building real, face-to-face connections and conversations that go beyond small talk. Such deep, meaningful connections with friends, mentors and colleagues might just change the course of your career.
  • As scary as that may seem… just try it for a change! No devices, no WiFi, no social media. Find one day (or one time of day) to unplug—and unwind! Your email will be there when you get back to work.
  • Invest in yourself. Successful people know the value of investing in themselves, be it on online class, grad school, or a certification course, workshop or coaching program. Whatever it is that interests you, go for it. Investing in yourself will contribute to your professional success.
  • Take care of yourself. De-stress! Make healthy choices! Eat smart, get rest and rejuvenate! You will be surprised at how much sanity this could bring to the clutter of everyday work life.

Other ways to spend your time in a new way after work could include: saying no (of course we try to attend every single networking event in sight, but you cannot say ‘yes’ to everything); spend time in nature (get outdoors and replenish your energy!); and take a real vacation (hey, if Oprah can take a real vacation, you can too!)

For the complete list about how you can be spending your time outside of work (and the successful individuals who are doing this!), visit https://www.themuse.com/advice/10-ways-successful-people-spend-their-time-after-work.

Thanks for reading and until next time… stay WISE!

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