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Accomplish Your Big Goals

Accomplish Your Big Goals

January is almost over and it is almost that time of the new year when most of us have probably already faltered on our resolutions—or are struggling to keep pace with the promise we made for the year. Whether in your business or personal life, it’s not too late to keep those resolutions!

As outlined by Samuel Edwards in partnership with Inc. magazine, the following are some steps to follow to get back on track with your resolutions:

Set reasonable expectations: It is only natural to ride the high of the new year and set lofty goals and expectations personally or professionally. Now is the time to revisit these goals—make sure they’re reasonable. Setting a reasonable goal is the first step in accomplishing those big-picture dreams. Do your research on steps to achieving your long term goals and pick a few steps that you could do within the time frame of this upcoming year. Start small, but keep hitting your milestone and you’ll be well on the way of the big accomplishments.

Break your goal into smaller pieces: Once you have set your “core” goal for the year, break it down into smaller pieces. Big goals can be intimidating, causing most people give up on them too soon. Breaking them into smaller steps makes it more manageable.

Establish a timeline: Each of these smaller pieces must have a timeline attached to them. Establish baby-steps and milestones for each week, and again for each month and watch yourself accomplish the small goals that will lead to bigger goal.  

Hold yourself accountable: Establish an action plan and hold yourself accountable to meeting expectations you’ve set for yourself. A simple way to do this is to tell your circle of close friends or family about your goals so they can serve as checks and benchmarks to help you stick to the plan and measure your success.

Stay inspired: It was inspiration that led you to pick the big goal for the year. Months down the line, it is easy to lose this inspiration. Do not let it fade. Keep motivating yourself. Quotes, playlists, and motivation from family and friends will all help you stay on track—and are easy to implement!

Try implementing some of the advice about and be on your way to achieving your big goals this year!

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Thanks for reading, and until next time… stay WISE!