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10 Ways to Motivate Yourself

10 Ways to Motivate Yourself

Motivation is an ebb and flow. We all have days of high energy which make us feel like we can take on the whole world—then again, we other days when even getting out of bed feels like a huge task. Not to worry: EVERYBODY goes through these things and it’s only human to feel these polar feelings. Having said that, busy, successful people like us need to know how to manage the bad days.

The following are 10 quick and simple ways you can stay energized and motivated:

  • Just do it: Psychological research by Dr. John Bargh shows that our brains route us to focus on petty, mindless tasks just when we need to be focusing on a big task; leading us to procrastinate and making us more anxious. The good news is that once you just set your foot in the work and start doing it, your brain automatically wires to help you push through. So, don’t put off, just do it.
  • Work on your to-do list: Look at the things you’ve scheduled for yourself. Prioritize and rework it suit your energy levels and your needs. Checking things off on a to-do list is your brain’s much needed doze of dopamine.
  • Commit publicly: Accountability works in your favor. Telling your esoteric circle about your priorities and committing to work through them will push you to keep your word and get the job done.
  • Change of location: Your physical environment has a tremendous effect on your habits and behaviors. Try staying away from your desk or a take a spot by the window to motivate yourself.
  • Let music pump you up: Music has a wonderful way of energizing our brains. Find a pump-up playlist and watch the music do the magic.
  • Find your “om”: Draw yourself out of the clutter by meditating. Focus your mind on one mantra and let it calm you down and motivate you.
  • Talk to someone: Talking to people or even talking to yourself can be a much needed stress buster. A pep talk, some inspiration or even good humor can change your day.
  • Snack: Food is the brain’s fuel. To function at your best, snack healthy and snack often. Don’t go crazy eating an entire bag or chips, but instead opt for fruits and vegetables and food packed with protein rather than sugar.
  • Move your body: We tend to ignore the needs of our body when we get clogged down with work. Take a walk, hit the gym or just stand at your desk and shake a leg. It will loosen your muscles up and help you feel refreshed.
  • Nap: Unleash your mind’s power by taking a power nap. It will increase your alertness and make you more productive.

Now stop reading and start getting energized!

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Thanks for reading, and until next time… stay WISE!