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Fewer Decisions, Happier Life!

Fewer Decisions, Happier Life!

It is a proven fact that the more decisions you make, the more stressed and tired your brain becomes. You may not even think you’re making a lot of decisions daily, but it starts when you wake up and have to decide what to wear for the day, what to eat for breakfast, what tasks you’ll focus on at work, and the list goes on.

The “Just Do It Scribble” is a simple tool to help you make lesser and smarter decisions that will lead you to a more productive (and happier) life. The framework was created by best-selling author of The Happiness Equation Neil Pasricha after he realized he was wasting valuable time daily making on making decisions. It focuses on four words: automate, effectuate, regulate and debate. By using this framework, we can set priorities that will help us gain time and peace of mind.

  • Low in importance and doesn’t take too long? Automate the decision! Paying rent, to-do list updates, calendar reminders… you can automate them and save time to focus on the more important decisions at hand.
  • Important decisions that are low in time could be effectuated! These are decisions that help you be a better person; be it exchanging pleasantries with colleagues or spending time with your family after work. These things are important and worth the time investment, so rather than even thinking about them, just go for it!
  • The things that take just so much time but are so mundane, those long commutes, responding to routine emails, cleaning your work space… Regulate Set a schedule and follow it and see how much time you save.
  • Debate the big decisions. The ones that need a big investment of time, effort or resources need your due diligence and attention. Make pros/cons lists or find a trusted friend to talk about these decisions and invest time before you make these big choices because they matter.


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Thanks for reading, and until next time… stay WISE!

Image from Hubspot article.