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Simple Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Simple Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Successful people exude confidence and often cite their confidence as the first step towards their success. It seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it? When you believe in yourself, your dreams and ideas, people automatically trust you more. When you have the confidence to seek out new experiences and expand your comfort zone, life presents multiple opportunities to you. When faced with external obstacles, you need confidence in you, your abilities and in your people to overcome those obstacles and accomplish something great. Confident people have one recurring thought: Nothing is stopping them to be the best that they can possibly be.


Dr. Travis Bradberry, co-author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0 and president at TalentSmart, shares several strategies to implement to boost your confidence:

  • Take an honest look at yourself: The first step to building confidence is to do an honest self-assessment of your abilities. Where you see weaknesses, find ways to improve (listen in to a free online class, or read a book on that topic). Where you see strengths, find ways to become even better at those aspects—challenge yourself to be even better. Confidence is different from conceit—confidence is the belief that you can get the job done whereas conceit is bragging about yourself. Remember to always remember the difference and check yourself from crossing the line from confidence into arrogance.
  • Say “No”: Avoiding saying “No” can likely to lead you to experience stress, burnouts or even depression. Confident people know that saying “no” is important and healthy and have the self-esteem to make their no’s very clear.
  • Get right with your boss: A rocky relationship at work can pull even the most talented person down. Find out which of your relationships are strained and seek out ways to salvage them. If they are completely unsalvageable, teach yourself to not worry about it and move on.
  • Find a mentor: A mentor is not only a guide and teacher but also that person who can pat your shoulder when you do a great job. Everyone needs that kind of motivation, acknowledgment and support. Find yourself that person who will act as a teacher, a mirror and a supporter. Their confidence in you will build your own confidence in yourself.
  • Be assertive, not aggressive: Aggressiveness is bullying. Assertiveness is being confident in your stand and articulating that stand. Remember the difference and communicate appropriately to increase productivity, communication skills and in the process, your confidence in your views and your abilities.

In addition, Dr. Bradberry suggests that a series of small victories boost your confidence in accomplishing bigger projects. Try to challenge yourself even when the tasks seem small. Other simply ways to boost your confidence include scheduling regular exercise and even something as simple as choosing clothing that reflect you and helps you feel better about yourself.

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