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Effectively Organizing Yourself (four ways to become more productive)

Effectively Organizing Yourself (four ways to become more productive)

As an entrepreneur, quite often you end up wondering where you’re failing and why you’re failing. Even the most meticulous of business owners who prepare extensive to-do lists are trying to fix certain things. So now the question becomes ‘where to start?’ The answer? Fix the don’t-do lists.

When you create such a list, you detach yourself from the tasks that take up time without improving the bottom line. Ask yourself, “What needs to go on my ‘stop doing’ list?’ According to an article by Business Insider, busy entrepreneurs can stop these four bad habits and easily work their way towards success.


  • Working for free: This includes those five minutes you take out for quick phone calls with potential client or free consultation you give indirectly over the phone without even realizing it. You need to learn to say no in different situations.
  • Comparing: Competition is tough and everyone is aware of it. The energy you spend worrying about other businesses and what others are thinking is futile. Instead, put those resources into innovation and create your own strategy. It’s more strategic to determine how you could provide solutions for them.
  • Letting administrative tasks slide: Keep track of who’s doing what (and when), as it’s easy to get busy and forget to invoice clients, restock supplies and open emails without answering them. Be careful not to let this happen. Decide on the systems that handle these tasks and “outsource” them if you need to. To help accomplish these items, set reminders and prepare a schedule for such tasks. Figure out ways to respond to emails and other forms/applications you need to be on top of.
  • Rushing: Don’t wait until the last minute to complete tasks. Prioritize well and realize what you need to complete first. It’s impossible to almost effectively run a business when you’re rushing. Prepare well in advance and plan. You don’t want to come across as someone who waits for the last minute, especially to clients and colleagues. When a company owner decides what he/she is going to do, the results become quite apparent.

By avoiding some of these habits, you can successfully run your business and see the results for yourself. To read more, log on to http://www.businessinsider.com/things-to-put-on-your-stop-doing-list-2014-12

Thanks for reading and until next time… stay WISE!

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