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Mobile Marketing: Quick Steps to Success

Mobile Marketing: Quick Steps to Success

The “M” word. It sometimes seems that everywhere you go, people are talking about “going mobile.” Whether it’s for small, big or mid-sized businesses, the buzzword is mobile. Several research studies and analyses have predicted how companies are almost investing double their ad spend on mobile platforms as it is expected to raise the revenue by over 50%. This dramatic rise of mobile technologies has also led to mobile marketing.

An article on AT&T’s blog reveals a 2014 study by Hipcricket about how mobile marketing is actually reaching the consumers. It says that two-thirds of consumers have received a text messIMG_1125age or a mobile alert from a business in the last six months. Meanwhile, only 47% have ‘’liked’’ a brand on Facebook and only 12% have followed a brand on Twitter.

As an entrepreneur, this kind of information is vital and crucial for your business. More than 45% believed that the text messages were quite helpful and one-third found it intrusive. This type of data will give you a basic idea about your consumers. Consumers also revealed that they don’t mind getting relevant messages and 41% also said that they would be willing to share their personal information to get discounts and other services. It is important to leverage this data and use it to your maximum capacity. The following are some tactics to help your mobile marketing campaign succeed, as according to the article:

  • Timing is key: It’s important to send messages/alerts at relevant times without being intrusive. If you’re dealing with ecommerce, you should be aware of customers’ time zones. You don’t want to wake someone with an ill-timed message.
  • Tap into past history: Past data helps creates patterns and trends. It gives an idea about how customers react to mobile marketing messages. You can use that information to expand your campaigns.
  • Protect privacy: Make your privacy policies extremely clear and don’t let anything sound ambiguous. Customers are willing to share personal data, but you need to tell them exactly what you’re offering in return. Also, make it easy to opt out of these chain emails at any time.


Read the full story at: https://bizcircle.att.com/articles/mobile-marketing-4-ways-keep-relevant/#fbid=utfctdMxMdm

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