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Leadership Lessons from Abraham Lincoln

Leadership Lessons from Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln is a timeless leader. In thinking about the future, it’s important to remember the past. Compiled by Bubba Page, founder of QuotaDeck and contributor to Inc. magazine, the following are five timeless leadership lessons to take away from his life and teachings:

  • Be a person for the people (over being a people person): A people person is what we associate with being an extrovert—someone outgoing and social. A person for the people need not necessarily be such an extrovert. Lincoln wasn’t—he was the introvert who took to reading books and taking long walks to recharge. That did not stop him from being a leader that people could connect to. He got to know his people and let the crowd form attributions and sincere bonds to him. Regardless of your personality, be that leader who genuinely want to connect with others.
  • Passion (wanting to do something significant): Find your spark; something that makes you want to be extraordinary. Lincoln’s drive to expand freedom instead of slavery made him iconic in history.
  • Have a clear vision (and trajectory): Have a dream and the capacity to imagine some better. Lincoln dreamt of a nation that would be a global powerhouse, backed by the greater moral principles the country was founded on. Imagine where you want to go—where you want to take your organization and your team. Communicate this vision you have and allow your enthusiasm and hope shine through to reach everyone around you.
  • A strong character builds trust: Do not be afraid or ashamed of your scars; they are signs of the struggles you’ve been through and how much stronger those experiences made you. Lincoln overcame personal losses and extreme poverty and gave the world a story full of motivation. It’s time you took ownership of your space and your story!
  • Effective communication: Great leaders have the ability to communicate their areas of passion. Lincoln forged bonds and communicated aptly to any audience he encountered. Be a leader by choosing what to communicate and how best to and remember to be the best version of yourself every time you have a new interaction.

Which “Lincoln lesson” do you use the most? Let us know some other leadership lessons from your favorite historical leader!

Read the full article: http://www.inc.com/bubba-page/5-leadership-lessons-from-abraham-lincoln-for-your-business-today.html.

Thanks for reading and until next time… stay WISE!