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Spotlight: Kawther al-Edwan, Bulbul

Spotlight: Kawther al-Edwan, Bulbul

Kathy Wise Women Business Professional Center Photo

WISE Client Spotlight: Kawther al-Edwan, Bulbul

Kathy, owner of BulBul restaurant in Liverpool, first learned about WISE when she attended a networking dinner. "It was eye-opening. I got to meet a lot of women around here doing different, fabulous things. We got to talk about many topics, including business things, and it felt like a very safe, secure experience. And on top of that, it was fun."

Since then, Kathy has attended several trainings and seminars. With COVID-19, her restaurant was hit hard and she turned to the center for guidance. Lacey, a business counselor, pointed her towards CenterState CEO, where Kathy eventually received a $5k stabilization grant that helped her diversify her supply lines for spices crucial to BulBul's dishes. Kathy says that while "nothing is certain, and things are not back to normal," she's focused on reaching new customers through marketing and trying to retain as many employees as possible.

About the center, Kathy says, "I've had great experiences. Everyone is very reachable, and there are so many resources and people to provide guidance, especially for startups."