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Our team is always working to keep you informed. Below, you'll find our blog posts on topics like loan programs and success tips for entrepreneurs. If there's something else you'd like to see here, email us to let us know.

Startup Tips from a Billionaire Entrepreneur

By wise | January 14, 2015
As entrepreneurs, we are always looking for words of wisdom from people who are successful and have overcome challenges and hardships to become so. We…

Strategic Marketing and PR (without spending a fortune)

By wise | January 7, 2015
It’s important to have a solid marketing and public relations (PR) strategy that builds a strong brand of the company and maintains the image you…

Effectively Organizing Yourself (four ways to become more productive)

By wise | December 31, 2014
As an entrepreneur, quite often you end up wondering where you’re failing and why you’re failing. Even the most meticulous of business owners who prepare…

Entrepreneurial Myths (and how to overcome them)

By wise | December 24, 2014
Various studies have shown how you need to be charismatic and daring to be an entrepreneur. They have also shown how you need to look…