You want business innovation? You may have to hire innovators.

As a business owner, when hiring a new team member, it often makes sense to go for the candidate who shows the best fit with the company and its employees. Indeed, skills may always be learned and polished, when personality can rarely be altered. However, according to Forbes contributor Bill Fischer, this approach may only get you average results. For a firm looking to be revolutionary, raw smarts and exceptional skills may simply take  precedence over “fit”.

In fact, hiring the best employees obtainable will lead to having a team of high-performers. Bill Fischer uses examples such as the notorious Broadway musical West Side Story; the producers were looking for a musical revolution, and hence hired the very best playwright, lyricist and set-designer in the business. They may not have  gotten along the whole time, but their collaboration resulted in a masterpiece.

Following that example, entrepreneurs ready to take their business to the next level should surround themselves with people extremely skilled at what they do, even though they may never be one big happy family. Fischer pushes it even further, and states that a position should remain vacant until the best person to fill it is found.

Moreover, after finding all those brilliant minds, a requirement is to actually let them be creative! After being given clear definitions of expectations, they should be allowed to demonstrate the innovative abilities for which they were hired in the first place. Hence, instead of micro-managing employees, the main role of the leader(s) here should be to calm and resolve the inevitable work conflicts that may arise, while letting the employees work in peace.

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