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Women Entrepreneurs are Taking the World by Storm! Are You a Part of the Revolution?

              According to Sharon Vosmek, CEO of Astia, the next high growth firms will be led by women for many reasons, but especially because:

-Women make up over half the planet.

-Women make up 50% of all new MBA graduates.

-Women make up just under 50% of all PhDs.

-Women make up 48% of all entrepreneurs globally.


-Women represent fewer than 20% of high-growth CEOs.

-Women CEOs attract only 10% of venture capital dollars.

              Through Astia, a community of investors, entrepreneurs and industry leaders from all over the world, Vosmek believes that women must be exposed to capital, expertise, leadership and aspiration. She defines her 4 Rules for Success:

#1: Less whining, more doing

#2: Pay forward

#3: There are no good secrets

#4: Failure is not the end of the game

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