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What Kind Of a Leader Are You?

Being a good leader is an integral part of running a business. A good leader drives the workforce in the correct direction and also helps in performance improvement. There are many kinds of leadership styles that a business owner can have, including a combination of several styles. The following list identifies different types of leadership styles and indicates the various pros and cons of each style.


As the name suggests, Analyzers are detailed-oriented people who analyze every step in the decision making process. These leaders analyze and ask questions about each step, thus leaving no stone unturned. Their goal is to ensure quality and accuracy.

However, due to this nature, it may take an Analyzer longer than others to do their work, which may prove to be a disadvantage in a fast moving environment. Due to their perfectionist nature, their vision can be very narrow at times thus hindering the decision making process. An instinct to micromanage tasks may also prove to be negative for the organization.


A Conductor is a strong and opinionated leader. These leaders are very specific and direct with their task allocation. Conductors have a clear perception and plan for the output they require from individuals. These leaders constantly strive for change, new ideas, and innovation and are very comfortable with adapting themselves to a fast-moving environment. Conductors like to win and always look for opportunities that would provide them with a competitive advantage.

However, because of their strong-minded nature, they are often perceived as difficult and egoistical individuals. Their desire to win can also lead to impulsive decision making, which may prove to be harmful for the business.


If you notice optimism and motivation in a leader’s behavior, you are probably dealing with an Influencer. An Influencer has strong communication skills and is often perceived as a people person. These leaders enjoy the communication process and have a natural ability to motivate people and guide them to the direction they would like them to go.

However, these leaders tend to get deviated from their goals due to their short attention span. As communication is a key for an Influencer, this type of leader may tend to get influenced by the people around them.

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