Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur

It is not easy to think about starting your own business. Many people have the fear of diving head first into the sea of self-employed. Not only do you need willingness to ride the waves, you also need to accept that the waters might be rough along the way.


If you are the kind of person who likes the stability of a paycheck and are not into taking risks, then being employed for someone else might be the best option for you. Remember—if you’re not ready to become your own boss, you can still be entrepreneurial in your style of working (even if you work for someone else).

For those who are ready to take the leap into entrepreneurship, professional coach Lindsay Broder encourages you to ask the following questions to assess how prepared you are for what lies ahead.

Do you believe anything is possible?
If this is not your outlook, don’t quit your job just yet—instead, spend time changing your mindset. Business owners need to have a strong belief in what they are doing, as there will be bumps along the way. If you tend to find negative side of things, or you give up when things become challenging, then probably you are not ready to launch your own business.

Do you believe you’re capable?
If you don’t believe you are capable, no one else will. This includes customers, clients, and investors. Two key ingredients to entrepreneurship are believing in what you are doing and trusting that you are capable to do it.

What’s your purpose?
Business owners need a purpose which is beyond self-serving. Think beyond being the boss and making a lot of money. Yes, your business must also serve you, but think about the greater purpose at hand.

How well do you recognize when you need help?
At some point in time during the start-up and launch of a new business, you will need help—no matter how smart or motivated a person is. It is important to realize when you need to ask for help. Don’t spend valuable time on things that should be delegated.

Other questions to ask include:
• How willing are you to market yourself? If you enjoy telling people about your idea and your vision, you will be able to market yourself effectively.
• Do you really have the stomach for what lies ahead? If you’re not ready to accept the fact that success or failure rests on your shoulders, you may not be ready to become an entrepreneur just yet. It doesn’t mean that you won’t be one day!

In all entrepreneurial journeys, whether or not you decide to pursue your idea is solely up to you. When you do decide to move forward, it is important to have mentors. Remember that inspiration can come as much from people we don’t know as much as from those we do know. Consider seeking out success stories of entrepreneurs similar to your background and read everything you can about their journeys. Their stories can help you keep going when the road gets rocky.

For the full article about unleashing your inner entrepreneur, visit: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/231613.

Thanks for reading, and until next time… stay WISE!


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