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Top Traits of People Who Drive Change

An entrepreneur constantly faces challenges, thus increasing the need for continuous learning and development of problem solving skills. It’s not easy for a person to make a significant change through transformation—how do people find the confidence to persist even through negativity?Racecar

An article by author Ekaterina Walter, a leader for strategic and marketing innovation for Fortune 500 brands, recounts a recent event where she heard writer Malcolm Gladwell speak about people who brought forth transformative change. He elaborated how some of the most successful people have transformed themselves despite many challenges.

According to Gladwell, some of the traits that transformative people share include:

1)      Courage: A trait that leads a person to forge ahead and tread the untrodden paths, create new ones along the way and persist when the whole world seems to be against them. Some of the people who possess courage are willing to consider all kinds of innovative solutions, are incredibly open and creative and simply determined. They seem conscientious and willing to follow their ideas.

2)      Ability to reframe the problem: Transformation includes rethinking, reimagining, and refurbishing thoughts and perceptions. It’s about being able to adapt to different situations and having a fresh outlook and new ideas and solutions.

3)      Sense of urgency: Acting on new ideas in a quick and timely fashion is another trait of people who have been successful in creating transformative change. From Steve Jobs to Mark Zuckerberg, these entrepreneurs acted upon their idea immediately and let go of the comfort zone.

Malcolm says, “To stay relevant one needs to be open to transformation, even if it means rebuilding from scratch what one spend years constructing.” Have you experienced transformative change? If so, describe the circumstances that led to this change, and how you achieved success.

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