Social Media Rules for Entrepreneurs

A few years ago, the biggest question relating to social media was ‘do I want to be on it?’ Today, the biggest question is ‘how can I make an impact on customers and integrate marketing into my everyday social media tasks?’ In a world of information overload, it’s important to find your voice and shine in the social media world.facebook-rules-680x612 contributor and assistant editor, Brian Patrick Eha, discusses five “rules” of social media that entrepreneurs and new venture owners should follow to make a positive impact on clients and fans (no matter what platform).

Content is king

The most important thing to remember when sending any message on social media is that you should be distributing quality—not quantity—content. You should be providing relevant, thoughtful information and sharing information that is also generated by others (quality information, that is).

Listen (and provide feedback)

While continuing your conversation through social media, remember to be available to your followers, listen and respond to their comments. Taking the time to do that sends a message that you care (and that you’re listening to feedback). It’s also important not to respond generically—be original and be thoughtful. Your followers have taken the time to communicate with you and it means a lot when you show you care and are listening.

Find your niche

Rather than posting general content about your industry or a subject that interests you, find something you’re most passionate about—a niche, a specialization—and run with it. If you can begin to distinguish yourself as an ‘expert’ you’ll see that people will listen and respond in turn.

Building your business through social media

For an entrepreneur, time can be stretched thin. While communicating on social media may seem like a low priority, you can use it to build your business and your network. Connect with like-minded individuals and pose thoughtful questions. Generate content that makes your followers ask questions. Define yourself as an expert and show people how your business knowledge and experience gives you credibility.

Strategically connecting with your audience across platforms

It’s easy to link all of your social media efforts together—posting once to Facebook and distributing across to multiple social networks. However, if you’re always posting the same thing across all platforms, people aren’t benefiting from your content. They are reading the same thing and may choose to stop engaging if they feel that content isn’t original or meant to be on that site.

For example, Twitter limits character count—posts are meant to be short, concise, to the point and using hash tags for relevance (when appropriate). If you’re linking Facebook to Twitter or vice versa, you’re not fully engaging with the platform that you’re using. Think about your users (fans, followers) and what platform they’re using to get their information—that can make a big difference in your content and the way it’s delivered.

Have you followed any of these ‘rules’? If yes, what worked (and what didn’t)? What are your recommendations for entrepreneurs seeking an increased online presence  and/or voice in social media?

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Thanks for reading, and until next time… stay WISE!


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