Skills Needed to Rock the Entrepreneurial World

Some people may think entrepreneurs are
born, not created. However, there are several entrepreneurial_skills
studies and trends within the entrepreneurial community that help to identify certain personality traits/characteristics that are commonly found among entrepreneurs. Some attributes are innate, and others are learned through experience (and sometimes through failure).

Investigating the issue of entrepreneurial skills further, write Steve Tobak profiles some traits associated with entrepreneurs—whether innate or learned over time and through experience. David K. Williams, contributor for, breaks down some of the personality traits associates for success as researched and compiled by the Founder Institute. The following is a short cross-section of some of the skills/traits associated with entrepreneurs.

Adaptability and flexibility

In a world of business on-the-go propelled by technology and social media, it is extremely important for entrepreneurs to be flexible and able to adapt to situations (challenges or opportunities) as they may arise. Whether a customer comment goes viral or a new competitor emerges within the market, it is imperative for entrepreneurs to handle this changing business landscape and adapt as necessary.

This can also apply to personality—such as being generally a warm/considerate person, but being able to become stern or straightforward when necessary.

Making decisions

An entrepreneur must have the ability to evaluate a situation and make a decision. Hemming and hawing back-and-forth can waste time and could give a competitor an advantage. It’s also important to make the right decisions—effective decision-making involves a combination of listening, asking questions, reasoning and evaluating.

Taking initiative

Rather than sitting around waiting for a client or the media to call, great entrepreneurs take the initiative and create projects instead of waiting for them to come about. If it’s a slow week, make phone calls or attend networking events—there is always something for an entrepreneur to do. Seek out new projects—potential clients and business partners will notice your leadership style and ability to seek (and seize) new opportunities.

What qualities/skills do you see as most important for entrepreneurs? Do you think entrepreneurship is something a person does naturally, or can some skills be learned?

To read more about “entrepreneurial DNA” and skills associated with great entrepreneurs, please visit the following:

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