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Mobile Apps That Every Entrepreneur Should Have

It is essential for entrepreneurs to save time,
and therefore important to utilize time in an effective way. Because many business transactions can be done from a phone, entrepreneurs can be mobile and remain connected. There are some great apps available to assist entrepreneurs in managing their time, schedules and clients. As compiled by Ilya Pozin posted on, the following smartphone apps help entrepreneurs to function effectively on a daily basis, especially when on-the-go.


This is a useful app for entrepreneurs who use conference lines to communicate with people all over the world regularly. One of the major hurdles of long distance conference calls is to remember the dial-in codes. MobileDay eliminates this problem by providing One-Touch into any conference call with MobileDay. Thus, the app removes the hassle of dialing, remembering codes, and writing down conference call details.


In the world of business, we meet new people every day. It is always not possible to keep updated track records of all the business cards or numbers that you receive. WriteThat.Name recognizes all the phone numbers in your email and updates it to your phonebook. If the contact hasn’t emailed you before, WriteThat.Name adds them as a contact or if they already exist, it updates their information for you. Also, it’s important that contacts don’t just live on a mobile phone. With WriteThat.Name, contact information is stored in the cloud, so it’s safe even if something happens to your phone.

Google Drive

Google Drive is an alternative to Dropbox. It’s a place to store all your files, but much more handy and secure than a hard drive because it’s in the cloud. You can access files from a phone, a computer, or even from a friend’s phone or computer.


Glympse helps you to share your location with others. This app syncs with your calendar. It allows your meeting attendees to view your location on Google maps via text or email. This helps streamline efficient because meeting attendees do not need an app to access this information. If you’re running late, colleagues can track your location remotely with Glympse. To You can turn off the tracking mode whenever you


As the name suggests, this app allows you sign papers through your mobile phone. SignEasy eliminates the hassle of printing, scanning or faxing documents and helps in saving time.

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What apps do you use to help manage your business? Have you discovered a favorite app to help manage your busy schedule or client lists?

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