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Make it Happen: How Small Changes in Life Will Help End Procrastination

How many of us have gone through panic attacks few hours before a project deadline? We’re faced with that feeling where we want to escape unease and go back in time to finish the project. Human beings have always had the natural tendency to procrastinate. So often, we find ourselves pushing projects away and chasing deadlines at the last moment. And that’s okay! We don’t have to be too harsh on ourselves and dwell in procrastination, but we can modify our lives in a way where we can get on top of things and make an effort to be up about it.


According to an article by Business Insider, the following tips will just help you get around your projects or simple tasks with great efficiency. Once you incorporate these small tips, you could go a long way in maintaining consistency and being more efficient. Don’t be too surprised if you find yourself with some much-needed free time.

Prioritizing tasks: Deadlines, projects, timelines are looming over our heads all the time. If you can differentiate between the easy and hard tasks, and take time out to tackle either of them first, you would feel encouraged to do the rest. Accomplishing tasks gives you a sense of fulfillment.

Love yourself: Honestly, don’t be too harsh on yourself. It’s always easy to delve into self-criticism and feel low at times. Try and go out, meet new people, inspire and encourage yourself. Because if you don’t, who else will?

Cheat sheet: It’s okay to indulge in good fun and not feel terrible about it. The way you don’t mind cheating on your diet once a week, you shouldn’t feel bad about doing that in your daily routine either. It’s also okay to pamper yourself once in a while with small rewards like a new coffee mug or new day planner to make yourself feel good.

Be active: Staying fit goes a long way in helping you be efficient. Go for a run, take up a fitness hobby like kickboxing or try Vinyasa Yoga. It all helps in pumping your energy level and making you feel good about life.

After all, it’s not that difficult as you might have thought it would be. It’s just about making it happen.

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