Land a spot in a national media publication!

Small businesses tend to be just that: small, with limited manpower and lots of

things to do. The shortage of people often leads to nobody really being responsible for Public Relations. Media outreach is therefore often assigned a place of oblivion, to the advantage of more “pressing” issues.

According to entrepreneurial writer Adriana Lopez, this strategy is a recipe for disaster. Indeed, it may hurt businesses in the long run, because PR should be used to portray ventures in a positive light. Ms. Lopez hence maintains that PR should be emphasized, and offers insightful ideas to gain recognition in the media world.

Tip 1: Use social media to build relations with national publications:

The ever-present social media strikes again! Follow national publications on Twitter or Facebook and keep up with their updates, waiting for the opportune moment to join the conversation (when the discussion gravitates towards your industry, for example). Be genuine in the way you engage with writers, and DO NOT “(…)ambush their already overcrowded email inboxes”. Also, do pay attention to their blogs and websites.

Tip 2: Take advantage of free or cheap media tools:

Free PressRelease, PrLog, PRWeb, and MarketWire are press release services to distribute news about your business to journalists or media outlets.

Help A Reporter, Reporter Connection, Expert Tweet, and News Basis are services for journalists and writers to get sources and experts for topics they want to write about.

All these services hence allow you to reach out to writers, AND to display your expertise in your field.

Tip 3: Pitch Emails

While it may be time consuming, it is a great way to get the attention of journalists. Just make sure to: catch their attention in the subject line, NEVER EVER send mass emails, and follow-up with a phone call. Otherwise, you will just get lost in the clutter.

Tip 4: Never stop looking for opportunities

Set up Google alerts with relevant keywords, stay up to date with your favorite writers and publications, and monitor your industry closely. You will gather valuable knowledge, and will be ready when the opportunity arises.

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Happy New Year, and Stay WISE!


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