Identifying the Best Form of Direct Communication

In today’s business world, there are many ways to communicate with customers or clients… through e-mail, using any number of social media platforms, advertising, and of course the old stand-by: the telephone! In an article posted by Hollis Thomases, founder and CEO of Web Ad.vantage, explores the idea that in today’s digital media world, it can be difficult to identify the right medium to make (and strengthen) connections.

How to reach your ‘audience’: In today’s fast-paced business world, sometime it’s hard to ask a person what the best way is to contact them and get one answer… sometimes the answer could depend on their schedule, if they’re traveling for work, any number of factors. The passing of a business card doesn’t always yield the contact information that is the best way to reach that particular contact. Over-communication (through a voicemail, e-mail, LinkedIn and Facebook request, can also lead to confusion. You may have connected, but have you communicated? The attitude of many people is that unless the person is communicating in the way they, as an individual, specifically respond to then message will not reach its intended audience.

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