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How to Build Credibility as a Young (or New) Entrepreneur

One of the biggest challenges for a new business is to build credibility. Most people feel the pressure of having to deal with businesses and entrepreneurs who may be much older and accomplished. What we don’t realize is, being young and new to entrepreneurship can be of advantage too, such as belonging to a social circle that is booming and the exposure of growing up in a technology-driven world. Young entrepreneurs haven’t had to learn and unlearn the changing ways of technology. To make up for the lack of experience, new and young entrepreneurs should try to be more focused and strategic about their passion.


Don’t lay yourself too thin, instead build your credibility by creating something unique for yourself that can help to define you in the industry or marketplace. The strategic niche that you create will help you get noticed and be taken seriously in the business circles. Having a tankful of ideas neither helps you focus on the real idea nor does it give a good picture of your clarity of thought. In some cases, it may seem to others that as a new entrepreneur, you do not realize the actual work it takes to convert an idea into action.

Use technology to your advantage

Use the technology tools to your advantage to measure the breadth and depth of your business outreach. Having a social media presence is just one aspect of this—reaching out to other businesses by having a web presence and showcasing your product/service can be inexpensive way to advertise about your new business. Not everyone you meet will be forthcoming to hear about your venture, but let the online forum speak about you. Blogging, networking via forums are key tools for a young entrepreneur to add weight to their portfolio.

Make the right promises

Go an extra mile for people who help you grow. They need your attention and care to help you build strong relationships and credibility. Make time to meet with them face to face. Networking with respectable people will build you build your trustworthiness. Credibility cannot be bought, it can only be created by subtleties. Without having the years of experience that can talk about you, you need to rely on others to help build that umbrella. Gold plating a promise is no good if you cannot deliver. It is better to not make promises but to deliver.

Maturity does not come with age

There is no rule book that says people with certain age are more mature or wiser than younger people. Young entrepreneurs always feel the need to hide their age or somehow dress up to look older. People who judge you based on your age are not the types of people you want to be associated with. Be proud of your accomplishments and always be working to show people that you’re serious about your business and ideas.

Work on building your credibility by creating uniqueness and expertise in your domain and not focusing on hiding your age. The combination of your age and your business (and how you present yourself) can be a great way to set yourself apart from the competition. Be knowledgeable, passionate and eager to help others.

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