Find Your Own Voice (And Use it Wisely)

Now more than ever, businesses are being created by more women than any other demographic, and women leaders like Sheryl Sandberg and Mary Barra leading the way in large corporations and encouraging young leaders to take the initiative. However, it can be easy for women to confuse the difference between being loud and being assertive. Some women feared that being introverted or soft-spoken would make them transparent in the workplace—that the only way to get through to others was by being loud and dominant in conversation. However, with the changing times comes changing leadership roles.


According to an article on, writer Stephanie Buck highlights the importance of why women can just be subtle and soft-spoken and yet be taken seriously as leaders. She stresses the importance of why women needn’t be outspoken and aggressive to make an impact.

The “Lean-In” movement by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg encourages women to be assertive and too face their fears to help them to climb up the corporate ladder. Oftentimes, ‘assertiveness’ gets confused with being loud and aggressive in the workplace. Being loud and commanding does not necessarily define leadership. Susan Cain, author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, mentions how the most effective leaders are imperative, take-charge personalities and create turbulence striving toward their goals. In other words, introverts can be strong leaders, too.

Many of the top CEOs and celebrities today are speaking about how introverts can also make themselves heard. There’s no longer a need to be simply aggressive for the sake of it or hiding fears of inadequacy. It’s about realizing the best form of self-expression and not being headstrong or extroverted because it is the fastest way to promotion.

It’s about realizing who you really are and doing what you feel that you are comfortable doing. As Cain puts it, “I’m not saying to never force yourself outside your comfort zone. But to do it in your own style.”

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