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Financial Management Apps

Financial Management Apps

Finances are the driving force for any business. However, it can be expensive to hire experts to keep track of all of your financial expenditures. Luckily, technology helps many entrepreneurs track their finances, whether at their desk or on the go. There are various financial mobile apps that can be used to compute the expenses of a business and to keep a check on certain accounts. The following are some easy-to-use apps that help track your expense detail without any hassle.


This app is used specifically to generate an expense report. It allows you to scan all your receipts and records transaction detail. This data is uploaded to app that provides you with a comprehensive detail of all payment transactions.


This app is a recurring billing or subscription-billing provider that puts your company’s key metrics at your fingertips. It keeps track of monthly and daily revenue, new sign ups for the day, and tracks your total customers overall. Some of the features allow you to vary subscription and deadline dates, and effectively manage special offers and coupons.


This small business software has two other features: Trends and Transactions. Trends breaks down spending and revenue by category and shows the history over several months. You can also get trends for cash balance, as well as detailed breakdowns of spending and income. The other feature, transactions, looks like what you’d find on your bank’s website. There’s a chronological breakdown of recent cash flow, but what’s nice about this feature is the ability to categorize entries. InDinero already has a good list of possible transactions, but new ones can be easily added. Customizing your transactions will make the trend reports more accurate, so this is a powerful feature.


FreshBooks is easy cloud accounting for small businesses and freelancers, specifically designed to save you time billing clients. Create professional invoices, capture expenses with ease and effortlessly track time on projects. It’s all here… plus you’ll be ready for tax time! Track money coming in and going out with expense reports and account statements, plus get up to 20 streamlined reports that keep everything organized for tax time. Accept online payments via credit card, e-checks, PayPal and more.

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We want to hear from you! Have you ever used one of the aforementioned apps to help organize your business? What do you use for recording and tracking financial transactions?

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