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Essential Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are increasingly doing business in many different places and at all time of day. Luckily, new technology and smartphones have helped entrepreneurs to effectively multitask and in many cases, has reduced costs and the need for physical office space. In order to keep doing business as usual, mobile apps assist on-the-go business owners and employees with everyday tasks. Apps can help entrepreneurs manage projects, such as document sharing, offer a mobile payment option for goods and services, track business travel plans, complete market research, and much more.


If you’ve been to a local, independent retailer recently, you may have noticed a new technology in place for taking payments. A small white device that plugs into your smartphone or tablet, called Square, allows its user to take credit card payments anytime and anywhere (for only a 2.75% transaction fee—an affordable percentage compared to otherwise high transaction fees). For small businesses and independent contractors, Square allows business owners to accept credit card payment when they otherwise may not have been able to—due to high processing fees or lack of other options.


You’ve probably heard of the Dropbox app before—it is a file-sharing service that allows you to store (and share) documents from many different devices. Rather than messing around with flash drives and emailing large files back-and-forth, you can set up a Dropbox account and organize documents into folders, making it easy to implement a seamless document management system—with access from any device.


If you’re interested in conducting market research but do not have the time to devote to hiring people to help, you may be interested in hiring Gigwalk. Gigwalk allows companies to outsource market research by collecting information from smartphone users (such as pictures, data, mystery shop, etc.) Information can be customized and sent directly to your e-mail inbox.

What are your Top 5 apps essential to conducting business on-the-go? How do these apps help you manage your day and your business—regardless of where you are?

To read more about these important apps for entrepreneurs (and how/why they’re useful), please visit the following:

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