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Build a Peer Group that Motivates You

Think about how amazing would it be to have a support system of smart, enthusiastic friends who have always been driven and worked towards success—the kind of friends who would never settle for less and go all out and get it which would make them happy and us happy as well. Surrounding yourself with happy people brings out the best in you.

FriendsIn an article from, author Lou Soloman, CEO and founder of Interact, says how she noticed executive MBA students at Queen’s University forming cohesive networks of support for one another in their two-year program. Quite often, people’s success can be affected by their peer network.

An example of this from the company GoPro involves a small group of engaged family members and peers of company founder Nick Woodman, where they helped establish the company as an innovator by continually focusing on the product. This resulted in the success story of the emergence of the billion-dollar company that GoPro now is.

Here are some ways to go about building peer group that will help to drive and motivate you:

1)      Prioritize and be intentional: Try and consciously work to cultivate a close and distinguished group of peers and teammates who will inspire you and help you adopt effective habits. Lou says, “Collaborate with people who are engaged as disengaged people will pull you down.”

2)      Pursue positivity: Spending time with optimistic and happy people will boost your positivity and can make you more productive.

3)      Seek honest feedback: Accept constructive criticism from family members and friends positively because they are the people who want the best for you.

4)      Develop habits of influence: It is important to ask the right questions and share your knowledge with others. Lou reminds us that, “Regardless of your style, create cohesion and trust within your peer group.”

5)      Stay a student and keep learning: Being a student for life helps cultivate the habit of learning all the time. Choosing programs and enhancing your life experience will make it worthwhile. Join professional development organizations or take an online class now and then.

There are many opportunities to help drive and motivate you to become your best “you.” Surround yourself with a strong peer group whose members share the hope of living a large, happy successful life. Teamwork is also important, as Lou says: “A successful peer group or high-performance team can make smarter decisions that any single person does.”

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