Ask the Right Questions To Help You Venture Succeed

If you often find yourself wondering why your project didn’t take off the way it should have or why your customer acquisition is low, you’re probably not asking the right questions. For better clarity of your business and vision ahead, formulating simple questions from the beginning will take you a long way.


According to an article by, Jason Fried speaks about the “deceptively simple questions” that will help you perceive your company’s future. You could keep coming back to these three questions if you face a roadblock ahead.

What’s important? Whether it’s about the people in your life or your friendships, what matters to you the most is what you keep asking yourself. Most employees envision a workplace where they can work with transparency and harness positive energy. You would also want to provide employees with better opportunities which help them in building new experiences and learn from them.

What should be the same? Consistency is one of the biggest factors in achieving success. Honesty, courtesy, empathy and transparency play an important role in maintaining relationships and building trust. Similarly, developing a product that consistently keeps up with the trends and needs of the consumers is important.

What needs to change? This is probably the most difficult question that would certainly change the scope of your business. New approaches, strategies, ideas and innovation would probably feature on top of the list. The more you find yourself asking this question, the more you are likely to seek clarity. You need to identify the right problems to find a suitable solution and then implement them into your company.

These three questions could help you gain the maximum clarity in your vision for the company ahead. So why wait? Get working on them and discover the amazing results for yourself.

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