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Watch and Learn.

For a business to survive, it has to be memorable. This is rather hard to achieve: consumers are so used to being under constant marketing attack that they tune everything out… but the most unique, intriguing or simply brilliant ideas. Business owners should hence not be afraid of stepping out of the beaten paths, and should learn how to use social trends to their advantage. Jennifer Wang, in an article, tells us about some of the best marketing ideas of 2011, combining “ a perfect timing and flawless execution”:

1-    The CONTAGION billboard: the marketing team for the Warner Bros movie went to new promotion heights: they spelled the word “Contagion” on a billboard, by injecting a sign with mold and bacteria. As time went by, the fungi grew, and the result was a repulsive but quite unique ad, which generated a lot of interest about the movie.

Lesson #1: Guerrilla marketing works. Do not be scared of trying new things!

2-    7-11 Slurpee Unity Tour: President Obama’s comical depiction of Republicans “sipping on a Slurpee” while Democrats did all the work, and his later allusion to organizing a Slurpee Summit at the White House with a Republican Speaker did not go unnoticed by 7-11. The company actually jumped on the occasion, and created the “Slurpee Unity Tour”, with a logo featuring an elephant and a donkey sharing a Slurpee cup.

Lesson: You should pay attention to your surroundings, and use what is happening around you to your advantage.

3-    The Spotify launch: With such big players as Pandora, Google Music and the like, Spotify’s entry into the U.S music streaming market could have easily been a flop. Instead, the company appealed to people’s competitive side: they focused on  key influencers and early adopters (also known as cool people), and made sure they created a huge buzz around the product. Then, Spotify used methods successfully used by websites such as the much awaited Google+: they made their access by invitation only.  Finally, last September, the website started a collaboration with Facebook, allowing people to share what they were listening to with their friends. Brilliant.

Lesson: Be exclusive. Create demand for your product by selecting a few lucky consumers, and letting the others wait!

For more brilliant marketing ideas, please read the whole article at: Also, we want to hear your opinion: what do you think could be a great marketing move in 2012? Please post your answer below!

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