Another Entrepreneurship Project of the  Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University

UK Businesses Enjoy Reduced Marketing Costs… Why not the USA?

            In today’s economy, savvy buyers know how to have fun while spending a minimal amount of money, thanks to online communities like LivingSocial and Groupon. A UK based accountant found a way to apply this trend to small businesses. SME Discounts was formed, and features businesses offering and taking advantage of B2B services.

            Through SME Discounts, small businesses advertise their services at a discount, and enjoy having their names broadcasted to the whole SME Discounts database, as well as on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Moreover, deals are only valid if a certain number of people sign up for them; businesses are hence always sure to make a profit, in spite of the deeply discounted prices.

             For details, please visit: , and watch the SME Discounts YouTube video at:

 We want to hear your opinion! Do you think the USA would benefit from such a system? If yes, how should it be implemented? If not, why? Let us know!



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