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This holiday period, show Wonder Woman who’s in charge.

It’s Christmas time! You are ready to spread the cheer, but, if you are anything like most business owners, this time of the year probably finds you tired, swamped with orders, and ready to snap. This is where WISE comes to the rescue! (Well, technically, Susan Miller.)

Indeed, as the owner of a booming jewelry business, she is well too acquainted with the long hours characterizing the holiday period. Still, in a PRWEB article, she shares tips for entrepreneurs (especially parents) to keep their sanity through the holidays.

–       Plan Ahead: Estimate your holiday demand, and adjust your production in the previous months as needed, so you do not end up with a mountain of orders and no time for family.

–       Get Organized: Get wish lists early, so you may put them in a master shopping list (spreadsheets, anyone?). Also take advantage of technology, and have a mailing address template for Christmas Cards.

–       Shop Online: Again, technology comes in handy: skip the long lines at the retail stores (unless there are MAJOR sales), and use the web for as many items as possible.

–       Do not over-commit: It is okay to turn down business opportunities you know you will have issues honoring, or to schedule some projects for later dates if possible.

–       Share the work: Involve your family, even the little ones: they can help sticking labels to envelopes, or contribute in any other way they can. Moreover, they may be glad to be a part of the action!

–       Get  “just in case” gifts: There are always people you forget, or last minute presents that do not make it on your list. Have a few items tucked away (sales are a great occasion to stock up).

–       Have set family and work times:  Entrepreneurs may be tempted to work all the time; have a balance, and do not try to do too many things at once.

–       Breathe! : Be calm, and you will get through your tasks a lot quicker than if you lose your temper. Prioritize, and tackle your to-dos in an orderly manner.

These tips should get you safely though the holiday period, and could even be applied to the whole year! To read the whole story, please visit:

Happy Holidays, and Stay WISE!


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