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Do Women Entrepreneurs Face Gender Discrimination?

It’s the age-old question; do women face gender discrimination as business owners? There are so many factors when considering a response… with all of the programs, training, grants and support that entrepreneurs and women have disposable at their fingers, the debate really starts to heat up. If grants for women entrepreneurs are guaranteed up to a certain percent, but male entrepreneurs receive grants for a higher percentage… is that an example of discrimination? We know that the percentage of women business owners surpasses that of their male counterparts. So where do we draw the line? What are the facts? Perhaps the thought of discrimination just stems from a bit of our own personal bias as being a woman in business? Everyone is different; perhaps some women business owners don’t want to apply for those grants or have trouble asking for a better rate on a business loan. There are so many factors involved, it is hard to decipher if discrimination really exists on the entrepreneurial playing field.

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