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CNY Women Entrepreneurs Adapt Business Model to Changing Market

These WISE entrepreneurs are having a ball! After realizing the challenges of being in a retail-based business after the economy slowed, the founders of popular glassware company HuePhoria found a way to adapt their business model to the changing market. With some brainstorming and help from a business coach, they were able to re-evaluate the market and re-direct their business model to stay afloat in a tough economy. 

As part of their new business model designed to keep the business alive and successful in the changing market, the ladies have added a featured for fans across the country to become ‘Ball Moms’ by hosting parties and showcasing their favorite drinkware and accessories, all while earning a commission on sales made. Now accounting for roughly 44% of sales, Ball Moms has become a driving force behind HuePhoria’s increased revenues and the company is on their way to having their best year yet!

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