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Pinterest: Are you Pinning yet?

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Pinterest for small businesses

You probably already heard about this new platform, revolutionizing the already dynamic social media landscape: Pinterest!  Just like its name indicates, this website is about pinning stuff. Pictures, namely. Snapshots of your dog, new shoes, attempt to make the perfect chocolate cake, fashionable scarf … Whatever you want to share with the world, pin it to your Pinterest page!

You may be thinking: “OK, all that is nice and dandy, but why do I need to join yet another social media thing? I have no business sharing pictures with people- I already have Facebook or Twitter for that.” Right? No.

The unique thing about Pinterest is that it is ALL about something that is a mere feature on other platforms: pictures! Not all people who visit your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter will browse through your pictures. This changes with Pinterest: people actually show up expecting to see your life in images. They are open to seeing more and reading less, and that is an opportunity for businesses to generate some awareness and/or some revenue.

Indeed, think about it: you would be able to take your consumers a little more into your world, by maybe starting a series about the materials going into your product, happy customers showing off their purchases, or anything else. You could, of course, also use the website to promote your items, but consumers may be turned off is your page turns into a giant billboard.

In summary, go ahead and share what you are passionate about! Allow people to feel connected to the person behind the business. Analyze the following you are getting, and use it to choose the kind of pictures you should be posting. And, in the end, just have fun!

So tell us, are you pinning? If you are, leave a link below! We will stop by and say hello. If not, tell us what you would like to pin… or not.

For more info, visit the article about Pinterest:

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  1. Teresa Woolson February 14, 2012 Reply

    Yes, I’m pinning!
    Just starting…but love it!

  2. Teresa Woolson February 14, 2012 Reply

    Yes, I’m pinning!
    Just starting…but love it!

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